Thursday, October 27, 2011

Updated wish list (Oct. 27)

Wish List (Revised Oct. 27)
  • Altar supplies and Eucharistic supplies
  • Books such as the BibleTanakhQuranBook of Common PrayerNovus Ordo MissaeSiddurimMishnahBuddhist sutras, etc. 
  • Candles, incense, bells, singing bowls, etc.
  • A large bottle of hand sanitizer
  • A $30 Virgin Mobile "PayLO" card -- to defray the cost of Sarah's mobile phone/internet services -- any Safeway or Fred Meyer has one, and also RadioShack accepts direct cash payment to the account (Sarah's number is 503-890-7724 -- no PIN or vKey is needed at RadioShack).
  • A generator to power both Legal Team tent and the Sacred Space Area
  • Practical camp needs in this cooler climate, for both on-site crew and to share with the community: hand/foot warmers, razors, socks, blankets, etc.
  • Sarah also requests either a solar-powered lantern or LED-based lantern for office use as it is getting dark very early.  Also she requests some office supplies such as paper, a few clip boards (to make fliers, etc.), and a FedEx Office (aka Kinko's) self-serve photocopy card.
  • and more on-site presence.  If you have a practical ministry experience in any religious tradition and can spend an hour a day at the Occupation, you are much needed to expand our on-site presence and chaplain availability.

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  1. I will be able to be there every day, after this weekend.

  2. added to list: Sarah Hope is asking for a small table . I think we can find things that we can *create* a small table out of...

  3. will cover the Virgin Mo cost Sunday 10/29 will goto RadioShk - Julia Mr......

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