Thursday, October 27, 2011

Request from Sarah for Monday

Apple fritters made with cider batterImage via WikipediaAccording to the Filianic traditions, the festival of Tamala (1-3 Werde, which corresponds to October 31-November 2 of each year) is celebrated with apples and fire.

Fire is a symbol of transformation (of which death is one element), while apple is a symbol of eternity (the otherworld is called Avala, which comes from the word for apple).

I'd like to see this to be a festive occasion -- and yet at the Occupation, cooking capacity is limited.  Hence my request: If anyone can bring in some of the traditional Tamala food -- such as baked apples, apple cider, baked potatoes, and popcorn -- like a kind of potluck, that will be greatly appreciated!

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