Friday, October 21, 2011

Healing the healers: Saturday contemplative service

As Occupiers, we are engaging in the work of repairing this damaged world in various capacities.  As an activist, a healer, and as a revolutionary, we often give too much of our resources sometimes to our own detriment.  We sometimes need to take an intentional time off to cleanse the energy, nurture ourselves, and renew our purpose and connection with the Divine.

This Saturday morning, we are having a short service in observance of Shabbat -- the day of rest and renewal -- with meditations to bring serenity, to heal the stress we take up as we go helping others, and to restore a joyful connection with God.  It is a service of gratitude and prayer for consecrating the space with peace and healing.

The service is simply adapted from a traditional Jewish service, with re-translation to focus on the constructive things we can do with our time in this world to heal the harms caused by violence and injustice.

All are welcome.

Saturday, 10:30 a.m. at the Sacred Space Area (the Sukkah), near the intersection of SW 3rd Avenue and Salmon Street.

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