Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oct. 15 meeting notes!

The Interfaith Guild of Chaplains: first meeting, October 15, 2011, 7 p.m.
Location: #OccupyPortland Community Sukkah
Present: Sarah, Rivkah, Angie, Catherine, Miryam, Joey, Donna

The meeting began with a havdalah service led by Rivkah and Miryam.

1. Ideas for services and events

  • Open forum: Interfaith study on nonviolence and peace (library classroom?)
  • Scheduled services -- variety is a must -- Saturday morning and/or Sunday afternoon
  • Candlelight vigil and chanting procession through the #OccupyPortland camps
2. Chaplain services on-site
  • Rotations
  • To provide listening ears.
  • Fliers to be made.
  • Set up a post at the Sukkah (a quiet area.)
  • Armband/identifier: Due to the overproliferation of armbands something more distinct could be more desirable to avoid confusion with other groups/teams/committees.  Color code: yellow and blue.  Explore various options such as nametags.
3. Other outreach and housekeeping stuff
  • Facebook page (done)
  • Twitter account (done
4. Announcements and info-sharing
  • The Bridge PDX "food church", 6 NE Tillamook Street at Williams Avenue, Sundays 1:30 p.m.- (leftovers will be brought over to #OccupyPortland).


  1. I hope, if we follow through diligently with our plan to be a constant voice of reminder for peaceful resistance, if we drain out the anger by providing listening ears and gentle redirection of energy, that nonviolence will continue to be foremost in everyone's awareness.

    Can we discuss maybe having services friday evenings, saturday morning, and sundays (whatever time people want to work out) in order to provide a variety? I am thinking I would like to do some very brief (maybe 1/2 hour) contemplative services on Saturday, either morning or a little later on. I know it sounds a bit excessive but I think that having services happen in an informal way, with a consistent and constant presence, will do much to bring some healing and spread the word.

    I wouldn't mind showing up at whatever time Saturday mornings and beginning a service alone (I'm not one to fuss about a minyan), as I think those who need some serenity, or need to ask questions or need to talk will eventually come.

    and one last thing (sorry, I know this is a very bossy and lengthy comment but I am EXCITED. please forgive my enthusiasm that is going to overflow all over for a while :))

    we discussed needing some flyers so the word can get out that there are services available. perhaps we can brainstorm a few short things that will sum us up, for the flyer copy...I think just spreading a few around the camp (of course we don't want massive litter) will help a lot. flyers or posters?

    Miryam also brought up a candlelight procession ... I'm all for that, as the sooner we can get our voices, songs, and beautiful words out there to reach people, the better.

  2. I have talked with Satya Vayu, one of the Food Not Bombs people. He is an ordained Buddhist monk in the Rinzai tradition of Zen Buddhism (though his training comes mostly from the Soto tradition) with monastic experiences in Japan, Korea and China. He is open to the idea of having Zen sessions!