Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Sacred Space Area needs your support!

The Sacred Space Area has been a work of love by SaraHope Smith so far.  As it is clear that our entire community is benefitting from her efforts, we would like to support the maintenance of this area as a community, as well.  In particular the area is in need of volunteers with construction/carpentry expertise, as well as donations of construction materials.

Hi Sarah -
I am continuing the winterizing effort. At this point I am realizing that I am not going to hold regular space down there as you all are committing to doing. So I kind of don't know why I am doing this solo effort to winterize.
I do want to reserve the option to lead something around Hannukah.
I just went out and spent a bunch of money on supplies - which seems a bit crazy since I am unemployed.  I wonder if there is a way I could collect some donations to offset the cost? How do you think that might work?

I am looking for help - especially knowledgable builders that can help build.
Today I am going to go pick up some more wood and maybe some more nails.

Perhaps you can post the call for help today and for future supplies on your blog?

Future supplies to keep everyone out of the mud include:
* thin, but sturdy plywood to cover the pallets 1/4 inch seems like it would do it.
* alternatively it could be the peg board so that the holes would allow water to go through - but then we really need to keep those dry
* more pallets

* a low table like we had as our central alter area (since the pallets will be usedfor the floor.)

that's all I know for now.

thanks for your help on this!

SaraHope Smith
The meaning of life is to give life meaning.

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  1. Hello Sarah and Sara!

    Thanks for this, as I was wondering how or if help was needed in the winterizing process.

    I will try and round up some help... Sara, any other ideas on how you envision the space to look?