Monday, October 17, 2011

A little reminder for everyone

Mental Health Awareness Ribbon

We, the member chaplains of the Interfaith Chaplains Guild (aka #ChaplainsOccupyPDX team), are a group of people with working experiences in religious ministries, spiritual guidance, and ceremonial arts.  Among others, we try our best to provide both good listening ears as well as a calming and grounding spiritual influence to the community of #OccupyPortland, visitors, and friends.

In general Oregon constitution and laws protect our works that are considered customary religious/spiritual activities, including pastoral counseling and when applicable hands-on prayers.

However, we are neither equipped nor expected to substitute the services of qualified mental health professionals, lawyers or physicians.  In case of serious crisis, please also contact the Medical (red) and/or Mental Health (red with silver stripe) or Therapists (lime green with peace symbol) for assistance.  When neither of them is available, you can always ask the Safety (blue) personnel for help.

While we make our best effort to make a chaplain available around the clock, only one chaplain resides on site at the moment.

Due to the Oregon laws, we are required to report cases of child and elder abuses to the Oregon Department of Human Services.

Thank you for your understanding and support,


24-Hour Mental Health Crisis Line

Other Social Services and Resources
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  1. beautifully said, Sarah.

    hm I am thinking about spending more time there. Can one camp out in the sukkah (with sleeping bag) or is a tent required?

  2. Of course -- many Occupiers do not have a tent.

    I can move to the sukkah also, if you have concerns about safety. (Randy from the legal team is next door, and he is good with dealing with troublemakers.)

    In any case it is nice to fulfill a mitzvah when you can. :)