Saturday, October 29, 2011

On #OccupyPortland's expansion into the Pearl District

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In keeping with the support roles chaplains have traditionally played, we are not directly involved with any specific action taken by the #OccupyPortland's General Assembly.  We are however closely monitoring the development over this evening's action at the Jamison Square Park in the Pearl District.

Since this "expansion" appears to be tentative and potentially a one-time action (the GA did not specify whether this would continue or would only be for tonight), we did not make any concrete plan to provide chaplain presence there at this time.

The on-site chaplain is also monitoring the phone line.  It is preferred that any report of emergency be brief and text-messaged to both 503-427-8269 and 503-890-7724.  We will return call as appropriate and as soon as practicable.

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