Sunday, October 16, 2011

Basic Information

Statement of Purpose (draft)

The Interfaith Guild of Chaplains (IGC) of #OccupyPortland is an interfaith, ecumenical, non-proselytizing and autonomous group of religious workers, clergy and spirituality practitioners of all traditions, inspired in part by the Protest Chaplains of #OccupyBoston but not limited to the Christian faith in its orientation.  We stand in solidarity with all Occupiers of Portland, Boston, Wall Street, and all cities in the world where #OccupyTogether movement has spread.

As a group, IGC works collaborately and based on the principles of mutual consensus and mutual aid, while also respecting individual IGC member's faith traditions, spiritual and ministerial practices, personal liberties, and freedom of conscience and expressions; as well as respecting the professional standards and rules governing clergy or religious worker conducts imposed by individual IGC member's respective affiliation.

The primary purposes of IGC are
(1) To be of service to the Occupiers and their spiritual well-being.
(2) To be an expression of conscience and prophetic voice in the greater #OccupyPortland movement.
(3) To help better integrate faith communities in Portland area and their social justice activities with the actions and organizing of #OccupyPortland.

Join the IGC

The Interfaith Guild of Chaplains is envisioned to be part of the movement and forces that are driving the transformation of this world.  While we are deeply rooted in the #OccupyPortland community, we also look further into the future beyond the life of our camp, however the shape that might take.  At IGC we rethink and re-envision the notion of mission and missiology, as well as inclusion and community.  As a chaplain with the IGC you will be working in an environment that is unlike any other.  We are radicals and we seek to have the right questions more so than the right answers.  We are all on the path of discovery, learning, seeking revelations and the sparks of the divine.  As a member of this imperfect world we acknowledge our humanness and imperfection.  As such, there are certain characteristics we expect from our members, among which are abilities to be a good listener, a quick and open-minded learner, and a willingness to be a prophet, a healer, and a visionary.

All religious traditions are welcome; the diversity is our strength.  Those who hold a current and valid ordination or license with their affiliation, those who are currently studying, or in the past have studied, in a seminary, a divinity school, or similar institution, as well as those who have working experiences as a community leader and religious/ceremonial leader of any spiritual or religious tradition, are equally invited to join the IGC.  Additionally, we are also looking for Reiki practitioners, energy healers, etc., to be part of our team.

  • Twitter hashtag #chaplainsoccupypdx will be used.
  • 503-427-8269 (voicemail or text message)
  • DM Twitter @sarahmorrigan
  • Email sarah "at" iriscat "dot" info
  • First meeting: Saturday, Oct. 15, 7 p.m. (CORRECTED from 2 p.m.) at the Community Sukkah, NE corner of Camp Beta (near the intersection of Salmon and 3rd).

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