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#OccupyPortland Spiritual Life Newsletter, Nov. 4, 2011

The Interfaith Guild of Chaplains -
Twitter @OccupyPDXigc; hashtag #ChaplainsOccupyPDX
(Revised: Saturday, Nov. 5, 3:30 p.m.)

Notes from Sarah, the resident coordinator: Mic check!  The winter-like weather pattern has arrived.  This Sunday we are back to the winter time and that means it will be dark just before 5 p.m.!  When the Occupation began, it was more like a late summer.  Now suddenly it feels like the Holiday seasons are just around the corner.  We as a community are struggling between various interests and tensions.  Yet we are mostly united in working towards a more sustainable and long-lasting movement.  We are increasing our on-site presence and outreach this week to help with some morale boost.  At the same time, I have been in contact with many faith communities, both to help provide us with a more diverse offerings (for instance, a Roman Catholic mass, which has not yet been possible) and also to connect the movement and the Occupation with the churches and other communities of worship.  As we look into the future, we are also seeking to keep our chaplaincy evolving into a movement that is more than just a chaplaincy within the camp -- but also to explore what it means to be spiritual, religious, and ministering in the new kind of world that the Occupy movement is shaping.

In solidarity,

Sarah Morrigan
IGC resident coordinator

1. Upcoming Services and Events This Week:
  • Sunday 11 a.m.: Interdenominational Protestant Worship at the Obelisk
  • Sunday 3 p.m.: Interfaith Peace Gathering at the Sacred Space -- a sharing of conversations and spiritual practices
  • Sunday 4 p.m.: Roman Catholic Mass at the Sacred Space
  • Monday 6 p.m.: Open discussion group on feminist theology, Goddess thealogy and femme/queer spirituality, location TBA 

2. Community Events of Interest (not sponsored by the IGC):
  • Sunday 9:30 a.m.: Sarah Morrigan speaks about the latest in #OccupyPortland and the Interfaith Guild of Chaplains at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Morrison Room, 147 NW 19th Avenue.
3. Volunteers:
4. An interfaith monastic order is forming:
The Occupation has been a fertile incubator for many transformative actions, movements and activities. Here at the Interfaith Guild of Chaplains, we are exploring a formation for a new kind of interfaith monastic order based on the ideas of shared contemplative spiritual practices on a structured schedule and intentional community.  It will be largely based on the Benedictine model, with modifications to be more inclusive and universalistic in orientation and practice. For more inquiries, contact Sarah Morrigan, Obl.S.B., at 503-427-8269 or by email.

5. Requests:
  • We are always in search for more team members who can add to the diversity of our chaplaincy. Specifically, we would like to see at least one Imam, more Buddhists, and someone from Hindu and Sikh background.  Contact Sarah at 503-427-8269 or through Facebook/Twitter direct message, or with this online email form.
5. Upcoming events on the horizon:

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