Sunday, November 6, 2011


     By Rev. Catherine Alder

    This moment, face-to-face,
    with those who OCCUPY
    we come with broken bread
    and wine poured out
    to feed the place of Christ within
    for courage and encouragement
     to keep the light alive.

     Looking, really looking into faces
     of broken hearts the brittle CHURCH
     has thrown away,
     “No felons here, You talk too much,
     Your homeless stinking rags and
     wheelchairs do not fit and frighten us.
     Get up and walk!
     Child, your status brings
     no status at this table.
     Back off, all of you, back off!”

     But not here, not in this camp,
     this moving, swarming table of humanity,
     dear humble faces turn gently upward
     to take the bread and cup with grateful hearts
     Some on their knees, some still smoking,
     some howling with drugged delight.
     To find a way back in from banishment
     is sweet delicious juice and bread.

      Overthrowers and peacemakers and noise makers and justice hunters
      beat the drum of sharing visions and dreaming dreams
      and weave a tablecloth of life on which we serve
                         the bread and cup.
      And then the march begins again,
      marching in the light of God, we march, endless marching,
      years of marching with weary feet stomping “When Shall We Overcome?”
      But today, fed and full of courage and encouragement,
      We OCCUPY.

This is not an official statement of the Interfaith Guild of Chaplains.

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