Friday, December 2, 2011

Occupy City Hall - a prayer vigil for human rights

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Occupy City Hall: A 24/7 Interfaith Prayer Vigil

Safe sleep is the most basic of human rights. End homelessness or end the camping ban. A round-the-clock vigil will continue until the ban is lifted or until we re-occupy in defiance of the ban.

ALL faiths and ALL forms of prayer to ALL available Powers are welcome. There's plenty of space on the Prayer Warrior Schedule, sign-up for a shift.  No sleeping, but we can kneel, sit, walk, and stand all blessed day and night. Chant Down Babylon! G-d (or whatever you believe in) help us!

Portland City Hall, 1221 SW Fourth Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97204

Contact: (503) 453-9937

This is not an official IGC action; however we encourage everyone to support in solidarity as their capacities allow.  Thank you.
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