Thursday, October 24, 2013

Nov. 5, 2013: Two year reunion mixer!

Two years ago at downtown Portland's Lownsdale Park there was a massive sukkah to celebrate the feast of Sukkot, whose theme corresponded with the message of the Occupy movement. During the five weeks following the sukkot, the structure became a community space that was sacred to many Occupiers regardless of their religious affiliations. Many came to find the calm in the noises of the close-knit community that operated 24/7.

In this context, the Interfaith Guild of Chaplains was born to meet the spiritual needs of the community and to explore and question what it is to be part of a faith-based community, not just a faith-based institution.

It has been two years.

This is a casual two-year reunion/mixer to get back in touch with one another, as well as to find out what is new with the Occupy movement 2013-14 and how you can be part of the action in various ways.

Both old-timers and new people are greatly welcome!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013, 6:15 (ish) pm-8:45 (ish) pm
Friends of Occupy Portland, Inc.
1131 SE Oak St #12
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