Sunday, May 26, 2013

(Re-)Launching Lightspark Commons!

As it was officially announced at the May 23 Occupy Portland General Assembly, Interfaith Solidarity Cascadia is "rebooted" as Lightspark Commons.  For more about this, refer to the "Reboot/Transition" page.

In this world today we need more lightworkers, bearers and keepers of light.  Mystics and theologians have long said that the "sparks of the Divine" resides within each of us.  We hope to build a community that facilitates the sharing and aggregation of the lightsparks for the good of our communities and for the transformation and healing of the world.

We have used the color wheel in our branding symbol, as all colors are but different facets and reflections of the pure light -- and when all colors are combined it becomes a pure light.  It symbolizes both unity in diversity and diversity in unity, and is an apt metaphor for a multi-religious, multi-modal, and multi-cultural community organization.

Please note: the old website address no longer works. Replace with  This site may also be reached via either or

Changes to Twitter: @pdxintersol is now @lightsparkcomm.
Changes to email address: replace pdxintersol with lightsparkcommons

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