Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Interfaith Solidarity news!

PORTLAND, OR - NOVEMBER 17: A protestors carri...
PORTLAND, OR - NOVEMBER 17: A protestors carries an 'Occupy' sign during a march though downtown Portland November 17, 2011. The Occupy Portland movement joined the nationwide N17 protests today, targeting downtown banks. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
Mark your calendar: Monday, October 15

Due to the last-minute coordination and logistical issues, we will not be having a sukkah party after all, much to our sadness.  However, we are celebrating the first birthday of the Interfaith Solidarity on its actual anniversary, Monday, October 15, most likely in the evening.  Mark your calendar and stay tuned for the details.

Occupy Portland anniversary, October 6

This weekend is the big day of celebration for Occupy Portland's one-year history.  An all-day festival and march will be held at the Shemanski block of the South Park Blocks in downtown Portland, followed by a barbecue in the evening.

We are recruiting!

Like any other organization, Interfaith Solidarity is a dynamic and organic group.  People join and people leave, for a number of reasons.  New members are always welcome and help us stay vibrant and keep us from becoming a stagnant institution.

We are a nonsectarian, interfaith organization that works at the nexus of social justice movement and spirituality.  We support the activist communities in Oregon and Southwestern Washington through protest chaplaincy and advocacy that bring the voice of conscience and spiritual wisdom to the popular mass movements.

Anyone with an experience of working within their spiritual communities in various leadership or teaching capacities are encouraged to join as part of the chaplains' guild, and everyone is welcome to join the action team.

If you are interested, write to pdxinter***@******** (click on the link for the address).

Taproot suspended temporarily

Due to low attendance and difficulties finding the time that works the best, we are suspending the Taproot meetings until further notice.  This may, in the near future, be combined with a kind of regular Interfaith Solidarity meeting for discussions and/or coordination.  We are hoping to find an option that will work for a large number of people, both members and non-members alike.

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