Friday, February 10, 2012

IGC wants you!

The Interfaith Guild of Chaplains News
Feb. 10, 2012
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Notes from Sarah: It has been quite a while since I posted a newsletter here!  Spring is arriving soon and the Occupy movement is emerging from a winter slump.  We too need some reinvigorated energies for 2012.  As chaplains, most of what we do is to support the Occupiers and their allies, rather than engaging directly in various actions.  However, we have been also working as public voices of conscience from the contexts of faith traditions and spiritual practices.

There have been several new ideas floating around.  We welcome both existing members of the IGC and newcomers to join us and put those ideas into actions.  The IGC is an interfaith, ecumenical and non-proselytizing group.  Whether you are an ordained/licensed/commissioned religious worker or a seminarian, or an independent spiritual practitioner with professional/ministerial experiences, you find the IGC to be a good place to put your passion into.

Weekly planning meetings: We have not been able to get a Sunday meeting started, since we decided to move the schedule from Thursdays to Sunday.  Perhaps we may need to try a new way.

Spokes Council: As an affinity group with long-standing ties to the Occupy Portland movement, we have been given a spoke, however, in order to participate in the Spokes Council as a stand-alone spoke, we must have at least three members representing the IGC.  By far, we have been clustered either with the Faith & Spirit Caucus (a separate group), or more recently, with the Women's Caucus.  It would be ideal if we had a greater representation!

Monthly get-together: Maybe meeting sounds boring, as necessary it may be at times.  Therefore we might continue a monthly get-together for a longer-term visioning and strategizing, as well as for building a better team.

Other ideas floating around:  Meditation sessions at the Che Room or other suitable location at the St. Francis campus; An interfaith service at the Camp Beta (Lownsdale Park) obelisk to celebrate the re-opening of the parks; Spring Equinox celebration; something around Lent....

Any feedback and additional thoughts on any of these items: please post on any of our social media platforms (links at the top of this page)!

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