Tuesday, March 25, 2014

De-activated, but not disbanded


This is Sarah A. Morrigan, the founder and organizer of Lightspark Commons (formerly known as the Interfaith Solidarity Cascadia, originally the Interfaith Guild of Chaplains).  Since we have not been posting anything here for a long time, I thought it is appropriate to state briefly what's happening with this group.

Lightspark Commons is currently deactivated.  This means there is no ongoing activities or plans for the near future.  Though we had tried to adapt this group to the realities of the post-Occupy era, simply there is no pressing need for this group to remain active at this time.  However, this goes with a caveat that we may at some future day decide to reactivate this group to provide the types of services we provided to the community, if the context of the time necessitates it.

In the mean time I have been posting occasionally on our Facebook page and will continue to do so to keep people informed.

Personally, I have been busy on several fronts and I am not much able to devote my time on Lightspark Commons.  So I foresee that in case of reactivation some other people might step in to assist in leadership.


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