Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I know it's not even Black Friday yet...

But it is about time to start thinking about some holiday season events!  Time can fly fast.

  • Occupy Christmas PDX 2: Along with Thanksgiving Day, December 24 and 25 are often the worst days of the year if you are unhoused, single, or a college student who cannot afford traveling back home. Last year we coordinated a home-matching program of sorts and placed several people with local Occupiers' homes.  This year it could be similar or different, but we should keep our minds on the needs.
  • Nightly Hanukkah light (hanukiyah) lighting at St. Francis Park
  • Interfaith Forums during Advent/Hanukah weeks: A series of weekly forums and conversations.  One of the forums will feature the Catholics for social justice, most likely including parishioners from St. Francis of Assisi parish.
  • Anything else?

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