Monday, August 27, 2012

Introducing the Taproot

The Taproot is a new interfaith contemplative communal spiritual exercise in a small group. It draws from Quaker unprogrammed meetings as well as from the monastic practices such as lectio divina. Sometimes it may be augmented with small, simple rituals some people may find meaningful or related to a seasonal observance.

The group has no set "leaders" or "preachers" aside from a facilitator (ideally this role should be rotating).

A lector is appointed for each meeting and is invited to bring a portion of a sacred text (or any other texts that one finds inspirational, including contemporary works).

The intention of the group is to draw from the deep source of wisdom to gain strengths and peace as we continue to work for a healing and transformation of the world.

An outline of a Taproot meeting

People generally sit in a circle-like formation as practicable.

Reading from a text
Period of silence aka "expectant waiting", "spoken ministry," etc. (guidelines here)
Prayers of the People/sharing of concerns and burdens

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